Level 6

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53 comments on “Level 6
  1. Grace Mcintosh says:

    I like Logo Quiz. I’m only 9 years old I’m in fourth grade I’m smarter than a 12th grader so this gives me more knowledge


  2. Sabrina Paul says:

    Cool and interesting game . Get to learn new simbols.


  3. Kaitlyn says:

    I can’t find the colorfull leaves or the black side ways x or the blue swan


  4. catness says:

    does anyone no where the blue and white f is


  5. Cassie says:

    Does anyone know the one where there is an R then a fancy oval around it and at the bottom it says DAL 1913?


  6. Loma says:

    Prada is supposed to be zara


  7. Saahil says:

    It is hankook


  8. amy04 says:

    does anyone here know the one with three red lines sort of going on an angle?


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